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PDF to Kindle Converter 3.0

Easy-to-use converstion tool to produce .mobi books from PDF and HTML files

Despite PDF is one of many document formats supported by the Kindle family of products, most of the useful functionality provided by this e-book reader becomes useless when displaying a PDF file. This is why tools like PDF to Kindle Converter are getting more and more attention from Kindle users. By converting your PDF files into the mobi format, you will be able to customize the font of the text, to search for keywords and expressions within the text, to enhance the contrast of the images, and to make use of Kindle’s text-to-speech capabilities.

The pages in a PDF file are considered by your Kindle as images, and they are displayed as such, filling the reader’s tiny screen with a full page. You can always enlarge the image, but though it may help you to see sections of the page in a more convenient size, it will never allow you to read the book properly. To make the most of Kindle’s (or any other mobi-compliant e-book reader) functionality, you need to convert your static PDF pages into text, and preferably into a mobi text-based file. Text can then be reflowed according to the size of the screen and the size of the font selected; it can be searched and bookmarked, and it can be read out loud using Kindle’s text-to-speech capabilities.

The conversion process is as simple as can be, and it is divided into two paths – PDF to mobi conversion, and HTML/XML/TXT to mobi conversion. You just choose the right path and follow the steps that the wizard-like interface of the program will present you with. In both cases, you will have to select the files you wish to convert (batch-conversion is fully supported) and define your output preferences. Here you can tell the program to use the bookmarks in the PDF (if any) to create a table of contents for your Kindle file, to check the alignment of the text, or simply to ignore the images. The HTML to mobi conversion process, however, comes without any of these useful settings. All you will be asked for here is to add some basic metadata (title, creator, and subject).

The resulting mobi files can be read and enjoyed in any model of Kindle, including the new Kindle Fire. So, instead of just loading your PDF files directly to your e-book reader, let PDF to Kindle Converter change them into nice-to-read, flexible documents, so that you can make the most of your books and your Kindle.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all Kindle models, including the new Kindle Fire
  • Wizard-like conversion process
  • Supports also HTML, TXT, and XML
  • Fast and efficient conversion process


  • Lack of conversion lettings for non-PDF documents
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